25 ideas of delicious handicrafts from baby food

crafts from baby food cans

Probably every mother at least once bought a jar of baby food: broccoli puree, prunes, apples and more. Baby with pleasure devoured mashed potatoes, smearing its contents on all surfaces. A jar carefully washed and went to the shelf to their fellows. What to do with it?

There are plenty of ideas on the use of glass jars from baby food. The site "Mom can do everything!" Gathered the most interesting ones.

Ideas for using baby food jars

  1. Needle boxes. It is easy to make such cute needle cases from glass jars in which buttons and other small hand-made things will fit.crafts baby food 1needle bed from baby food jar
  2. Fairy houses. If you are fond of modeling, you should try to make such a delightful house for fairies.crafts made of polymer clay and baby food jars
  3. Aquarium. A jar is a small aquarium for a toy fish. Pour in the ground, install algae - crafts are ready.It is also possible, together with your child, to mold fish from plasticine and place it in a jar.do-it-yourself aquarium from baby food jars
  4. Terrarium. Plant moss and other small plants that do not require special care.baby glass jar terrarium
  5. Decorations for the holiday. Decorate the jars with sparkles, make holes in the lids and install decorative elements, letters and numbers. Very original decoration is ready.holiday decoration
  6. Bird feeders. Few people realize that ordinary baby food cans make such delicious drinkers and bird feeders. In the sun, they will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow and please the eye.original bird feeder
  7. Storage for small items. From the cans are not only beautiful things, but also very practical. Screw the covers to the wooden surface, you will get very convenient containers for storing small items.storage for small things
  8. Candlesticks for the garden. Buy a lot of small candles, each put in your jar and bring them over the ropes on the branches of trees. Beautiful entourage for a romantic evening is ready.candlestick from baby food jarhandicraft of glass jars for baby food
  9. Capacity for growing onions. Green onions are a storehouse of nutrients that are so lacking in the cold season. To grow such an onion is not difficult. Pour water into the jar, put the onion on top, in a few days we will get the first shoots.onions in cans of baby food
  10. Pots for seedlings. In small jars it is convenient to plant parsley, dill and other herbs.seedlings in baby food banks
  11. Crafts from baby food jars. Such beautiful flowers in pots are easy to make yourself with your children. We encircle the palm on a green sheet of cardboard, cut, on each finger by gluing on the flower. We put in a pot-jar - a beautiful hack is ready. These flowers will be a great gift for mom or grandmother by March 8.children's crafts from glass jars from baby food
  12. Storage tanks. In jars of mashed potatoes it is very convenient to store buttons, beads, beads.storage of small things in the banks of mashed potatoeshandicraft stuff
  13. Pencil stands.pencil coasters
  14. Night Lights.lanterns from baby food cans
  15. Snowball. From the cans of baby food turns a delightful snow globe. Just stick the figure on the cover. Pour baby oil into the jar and add glitter, close the lid tightly and shake.snowballsnow globe from a can of mashed potatoessnow globe from baby food jars
  16. Gift treat for guests or children.baby mashed jars
  17. Original frames. Just place it inside the jar of the photo.original frames of baby food glass jars
  18. Spice storage. Glass jars with a screwed lid will help preserve the freshness of the spices for a long time.storage of spices in baby food jars
  19. Vases for flowers. Just dip the jar in the paint and get unusual vases for small colors.flower vases
  20. Form for jelly. Small jars are great for making jelly. In them, it looks beautiful and appetizing, one jar holds one portion, and a screw cap will help keep it in the refrigerator for a long time.

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