2019 World Basketball Championship

The 2019 World Basketball Championship will be the 22nd in a row planetary championship held under the auspices of FIBA. In connection with the World Cup, which will be held in Russia in the summer of 2018, the dates of the tournament presented were shifted in order to increase audience interest and match attendance. Fans expect an amazing performance of world basketball stars who dream of winning an honorary trophy.

Where will pass?

The final part of the 2019 Men's World Basketball Championship will be held in China. The date of the competition - from August 31 to September 15. During this time, more than 40 matches will be played, including in the group stage and in the knockout stage. The host country of the competition was China, whose application the organizers of the tournament considered the most attractive.

World Basketball Match

The main arenas of the Championship for men will be:

  • MasterCard Center (Beijing);
  • Wuhan Sports Hall (Wuhan);
  • Foshan Sport Arena (Foshan);
  • Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai);
  • Basketball Center (Dongguan);
  • Guangzhou Sport Arena (Guangzhou);
  • "Shenzhen Sports Gymnasium" (Shenzhen);
  • Youth Olympic Gymnasium (Nanjing).

All of these sports complexes are characterized by modern infrastructure and are equipped with the numerous wishes of specialists. For several seasons, local teams compete in the Chinese Basketball Championship on the floor.

Qualification Regulations

At the moment, only the Chinese team guaranteed itself a place in the 2019 Men's World Championships. The rest of the teams will have to prove their right to participate in the qualification. FIBA changed the selection rules, while expanding the number of teams in the final tournament from 24 to 32.

USA Basketball Team

The qualification competition will start in November 2017, and will end in winter 2019. In total, there are 4 world zones with a strictly regulated number of entry places to the final of the tournament:

  • Europe (12);
  • Africa (7);
  • Asia / Oceania (7);
  • North and South America (7).

In the European zone in qualifying 32 national teams will play, which have the highest FIBA ​​rating. Initially, they will all be divided into 8 subgroups of 4 teams.Each basketball team will play two matches with opponents from the standings (on the home court and in the opponent's arena). Based on the points scored, the three best teams get into the second round, where the subgroups are combined in pairs. At this stage, meetings are held at home and away with new rivals. Points scored in the previous step are saved. The winners of the subgroups of the second round automatically qualify for the 2019 World Cup in basketball.

Russian national basketball team

It is noteworthy that teams that were not among the 32 best will conduct their own selection in Division B. The winners of the subgroups will compete with the teams that took fourth places in the first stage for the right to move to Division A and take part in the next selection to the world championship.

Final tournament regulations

The final part includes three consecutive stages. In the first one, all 32 selected teams will be divided into 8 subgroups. Each squad will play one match with their quartet rivals. The two best teams enter the Top 16 stage, where they will fall into one of four subgroups. The two best basketball teams from this subgroup enter the playoff series (1/4 final).

Russia-Georgia: qualifying match for the World Cup

The meeting for the first place will be held on September 15. On the same day the fight for the bronze medals of the competition is scheduled. The winner of the championship gets the status of the best team of the planet for the next four years. In the upcoming contest, the title of champion will most likely be defended by the dream team of the USA. Americans for the last two tournaments (in 2010 and 2014) have no equal.

Prospects for Russia

In the first qualifying round, the draw was unfavorable to the Russian team. Sergey Bazarevich's charges were in the quartet “E” of the following teams:

  • Belgium;
  • France;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main rival of the Russians in the subgroup will be the French, who took third place in the last World Basketball Championship in 2014. Outbound meetings with Belgium and Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be easy. These teams are rapidly progressing lately, so they can bring a lot of trouble to any opponent. Nevertheless, fans of the Russian national team hope that they will manage without surprises, and their favorites will be able to pass the selection without any difficulties.

The schedule of the qualifying tournament for the Russian team for the 2019 World Cup is as follows:

the date of the


24. 11. 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Russia

27. 11. 2017

Russia - Belgium

22. 02. 2018

France - Russia

25. 02. 2018

Russia - Bosnia and Herzegovina

29. 06. 2018

Belgium - Russia

02. 07. 2018

Russia - France

The World Cup after changing the rules and expanding the number of participants will be even more interesting. With the increase in teams, competition will increase significantly, which in turn will bring many unexpected results. Do not miss the beginning of the tournament on August 31.

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