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Fresh announcements and loud releases, shocking news from eminent developers and modest news from independent studios, thousands of fresh ideas and dozens of success stories and unexpected bankruptcies - the gaming industry, which was recently developed in small, barely noticeable steps, finally turned into the main theme for conversations. Even the mass media, which had recently kept somewhere away from the unfolding avalanche of entertainment, has long been active - not a single really major new product now passes by magazines, newspapers and television programs.

Expected games of 2019, like all new items that appeared a few years earlier, are no longer perceived, only as a way to “kill free time”, but are a strong financial asset, gaining strength even before the release of any developed project. Every advertisement launched in advance in the network attracts a new buyer. So the beauty of still unexplored virtual worlds can be easily converted into real money. Well, what games in 2019 are worth looking at and what is really better to accumulate will be known from the prepared list.

Shot from the game on the PC in 2019

The first half of 2019

The beginning of 2019 will be released several game releases that will please fans of battles and science fiction.


An epic role-playing action movie that lures the public with several interesting mechanics at once: a randomly generated world (before passing even the appearance of locations is unknown, and the plot, characters and key tasks will appear immediately after the completion of the training chapter) and unconventional mechanics of battles. Each individual opponent is a peculiar dummy with limbs, skin, muscles and heart. Any blow affects damage differently and completely changes the final of any standoff. The chance to accidentally lose your hand is quite real.2019 Enldorlight GameThe plot developers have not yet perfected to perfection - only the goal of the protagonist is known. The character, who has taken literally from the emptiness of time, is obliged to overthrow several kings, leading to confusion in the whole medieval universe.

Wormhole wars

Sci-fi thriller, which mixed together a whole galaxy of famous projects. Here and move between portals, as in the real Portal from Valve, and complex, tiered scenery with planes of different heights from Halo and very recognizable elements of Overwatch - with the division into classes.

The novelty looks ambitious, although it offers very mediocre opportunities - no extensive storyline, dialogues and atmospheric skirmishes in a cooperative mode. The developers focused on driving PvP battles, where participants try, if not to win in an unequal battle, then at least not lose their balance - the speed in virtual fights develop really serious ones, and focus on the character jumping from the platform to the container falling into the abyss rather problematic.

Wormhole Wars 2019 for the PC


The phenomenon of modern industry, conceptually and graphically grown from the atmospheric works of Hieronymus Bosch and the legendary adventure Castlevania. The spotlight is a nameless warrior hiding a wrinkled face behind a high-cone metal helmet. It is not known where the character came from, and the motives for the abrupt movement in space and time are unclear. The idea is not in cause and effect, but in the atmosphere, cruelty and unpredictability. Blasphemous - a new way to look at the classic platformers with a deep combat system and the complex mechanics of the behavior of enemies.

Game Blasphemous 2019


After the release of the highly dubious fourth part of Mass Effect, developers from BioWare finallyWe decided to start the history of projects from scratch (unless, of course, taking into account the use of the already familiar Frostbite game engine). The novelty is filled with rumors - the plot, it seems, is devoted to the near future of the Earth, and the whole story is focused on unknown special-purpose soldiers moving in a kind of “power armor” and saving the world from monsters advancing from different sides.

Anthem game for PC

Anthem looks like a sci-fi thriller, designed in the spirit of modern Hollywood blockbusters, but allowing to turn from a bystander into a destiny crusher (moreover, both in PvE mode and in PvP format).

Mid summer

In the middle of the summer of 2019, several games are scheduled for release on the PC. These will be strategies, quests and fantastic action movies.


The neoclassical military-tactical strategy based on bloody battles that unfolded between the autumn of 1941 and the winter of 1942. The main idea of ​​the novelty is to present the Great Patriotic War not through the prism of large-scale bloody battles, but through a story about the life of several scattered warriors who decided to cross their forces in trying to survive a human catastrophe.
Of interesting mechanics is the presence of elements of role development, the ability to gradually develop a “home base” and carry out assignments for villagers.

Game 2019 for Partisans for the PC

Beautiful desolation

1980th year, planet Earth. Over the snow-white clouds stretching across the blue sky, a strange, dark-black monolith of clearly alien origin suddenly drew. How the construction appeared and why it hangs exactly above the Earth is unknown. Therefore, the rulers of the three largest civilizations launched a research company to study and further apply an incomprehensible mechanism. And the secrets inherited by earthlings changed the whole civilization once and for all.

Beautiful Desolation is a promising novelty of the quest genre with Fallout styling and puzzles from the classic entertainment of the last century ...

Game 2019 Beautiful Desolation

Borderlands 3

Developers from Gearbox Software announcements of the third part of the legendary sci-fi thriller frightened since 2017. They talked about the new combat mechanics, then shed light on the complex storyline, crossing the fates of several heroes who were lost on the scattered and seemingly inaccessible planets of the galaxy. How the story unfolds in reality is still unknown.But the competitive mechanics will remain exactly the same - the same cooperative mode brought to perfection, the same random drop-out algorithm borrowed from Diablo, and even the scale of military operations will not change. Well, where without the great jokes?

Game 2019 Borderlands 3

Wasteland 3

Once a post-apocalyptic strategy has already turned the world of role-playing strategies. It was with Wasteland that the legendary and even golden era of Fallout began. The third part looks no less ambitious.

Instead of the classic radioactive wastelands - the first winter with the approaching frosts and increasing cold. Instead of soulless and at first glance guessing allies - unique characters with an unpredictable history. But tactical battles will turn into a chess game at all, where you cannot risk even a single pawn ...

Game 2019 Wasteland 3

Psychonauts 2

The unexpected return of the famous platformer, which fully influenced the development of the industry, the fans of the series waited with a frozen heart. No wonder - the novelty is obliged to return the classic atmosphere and the beloved characters, and at the same time - to please with modern technologies and advanced features of competitive mechanics.

Game 2019 Psychonauts 2

Surge 2

The idea to turn Dark Souls into a sci-fi thriller with robots, an apocalypse approaching Earth and technologies unprecedented by human civilization came to developers from Focus Home Interactive at the end of 2016. But the elements of the genre, described above, put together in the first part of the series did not work at full capacity. The world seemed empty, technologies were quite predictable, and robots became boring mannequins in the hands of those who had really finished Dark Souls. The second part is able to change everything, but is it soon?

Game 2019 Surge 2

Games that will be a pleasant surprise

Also, the developers decided to surprise and please the fans of games on the PC with the release of several new projects.

Cyberpunk 2077

Developed since 2012 by CD Projekt RED studio (which gained incredible user confidence due to the successful Witcher series), the role-playing action movie representing the classic cyberpunk format. “High Tech, Low Life” - it’s not impossible to explain the fuse that broke out in the society of the distant future, which divided the entire civilization into two parts - those who live in fashionable houses and work in major corporations, and those who are forced to hide in the shadows, fighting hunger, pestilence and poverty.
Cyberpunk 2077 has already gained the status of a masterpiece, but will the hopes come true?

Cyberpunk 2077

Corsairs: Black Label

The return of the legendary pirate saga is hard to believe. And it's not about how Akella dealt with the last part (now Black Sun Game Publishing owns the rights), but about the number of promises made by developers. And the ships, they say, there will be a whole collection, and they will be allowed to fight in any status they like, and even to establish their own colony is not a problem. And you can attend balls, earn military ranks, open your own workshops and attract followers from around the world. When to engage in military craft is unclear. But who cares when such and such responsibilities fall on their heads?

Corsairs: Black Label 2019

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Turkish studio TaleWorlds, unexpectedly fired from the first part of a curious tactical action movie with an open world and extensive strategic opportunities, is not going to stop at the heights reached. The novelty will continue all the ideas of the series, but will expand the proposed functionality and allow you to enjoy not only interesting combat mechanics, but also stunning modern graphics.
Of the interesting features - 6 new fractions, a completely redesigned and improved engine, a system of phased generation of the main character and a dynamic system for changing the seasons.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Iron harvest

Jakub Rosalski is an independent Polish illustrator who gave a great idea to the developers at King Art Games. Namely, to build in the parallel universe of 1920 a prefecture of a new, unprecedented superpower, successfully replacing the soldiers with diesel robots, visually resembling the trinogs of Half-Life. Such unusual fighters easily deal with infantry and tanks. But will there be enough chrome fighters in the war for political freedom and the right to rule an entire planet? Deal with the task will have to be phased, in the format of a science fiction strategy with battles unfolding in real time.

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