2019 Concrete Genie Game

Sony can be called a real nursery of talented studios and creative associations, which are given a unique opportunity to improve and implement ideas, often aimed not only at commercial success, but at meeting the various exotic interests and hobbies of PS4 users.

Pixelopus was not an exception, whose first distinctive love experiment for birds and fish Entwined was received by the public quite warmly, and which is now actively preparing for the release of its second exclusive console for this manufacturer, Concrete Genie.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - adventure / action
  • Setting - Alternative Reality / Our Days
  • Developer - Pixelopus
  • Publisher / Localizer - Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date - 2019

It is about what everyone can do, what we all can do to change in the life of the planet at least something for the better. After all, it was no coincidence that its creation was inspired by a wonderful experience from the reality of a small fishing village in China, whose children once specially took to their streets and decorated them with bright graffiti to make their home more lively and beautiful.

Story line

The story focuses on the life of a boy with a very eloquent name Ash, who, apparently, seems to be insignificant and fragile, as if truth, ashes, and on the other hand, the strength of his spirit and talent can change the world.

concrete genie game

He lives in the small, prosaic fishing town of Densk, whose streets are dirty and deserted, while the local junk has fun with the treating of the weak. Asha is annoyed by the situation in his hometown, he wants to make it more beautiful, cleaner and brighter, although he is strongly obstructed by various forces.

But, he successfully opposes his drawing skills to them, because under his brush the drawings come to life and bring into the surrounding life a fairy tale and light, which she lacks so much. The boy creates magical graffiti and changes the streets of his beloved city with their help.

Game world

In order to emphasize the grayness and low character of the town, its image is replete with industrial gray landscapes, permanently hanging smog and fog.

concrete genie 2019 release date

The picture on the screen draws quite mundane and traditional urban landscapes, and therefore the game can be called a powerful ideological manifesto, extrapolating the problems of the project to the entire planet and calling everyone to the best of their abilities and opportunities to give it their magic and transform it.

The choice of the main character in the person of a simple teenager, without any particular origin, means and conditions for the development of talent, says that anyone can work wonders.

And the antagonistic images are prefabricated and personify rudeness, lack of culture and unprincipledness - defects that pollute our society than industrial waste. The images of animals invented by Ashem successfully repulse them, both literally and figuratively.

Concrete Genie Gameplay

concrete genie 2019 story

The interface of this game in 2019 is made in a children's style, because the authors sought to make their offspring understandable to a much larger number of players than it was with Entwined.

The game bears in itself the bright features of the adventure action and its third-person view allows you to fully enjoy the effect of the large-scale work done to decorate and cleanse your city under the guidance of our main character.

The aim of the authors was, among other things, the popularization of the drawing technique, as such, designed for people who do not know this art at all, so they provided a minimum of functions in the menu, but included everything that would help to create a real masterpiece.

You can choose a ready-made pattern with one or another mythical creature for the image, be determined with a brush and paints, glow effects, erase the already drawn, if something does not suit.

concrete genie gameplay

And at the same time, of course, it is important to choose the right place for your artistic experiments, to monitor their proper effect, as well as to fear everyone who can interfere with this, while struggling with them using the same drawings.

In general, there are no restrictions or rules in the work: any abstractions, any orientation in space and color solutions of the drawings - absolutely everything is allowed and subject to imagination. Moreover, they can even be supplied for greater effect by weather phenomena, and the AI ​​allows them to interact interactively with the outside world.

By the way, the developers are going to envisage the possibilities in order to be able to share their versions of the decorated cities.

Graphics and music

concrete genie system requirements

The Unreal Engine 4 was used as the basis for the game, thanks to which it became possible to implement the complex dynamic and graphical component of the project.

All it is built on contrasts - and colors, and images, and the drawings in it, playing a crucial role,intentionally created in a very interesting from an artistic point of view manner: their deliberate primitivism and acid-bright colors fascinate with their effect on the psyche and allow you to fully feel the magic poured by the character around you.

Very warm and pretty looks and style of general drawing, very animated and peculiar. It is also worth noting, and surprisingly organically with a visual series, the combined musical accompaniment written by staff composer Sam Marshall.

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