2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

On September 12, the most anticipated event of the year took place in Frankfurt - the opening of the IAA-2017 car dealership, at which Toyota officially unveiled an updated version of the popular Land Cruiser Prado SUV, which is scheduled to be released in 2018. The joint work of Toyota engineers and designers was more than successful and new There is certainly something to surprise a potential owner. The result of the restyling and technical improvements are:

  1. even more impressive dimensions;
  2. a radical transformation of the exterior;
  3. stylish and comfortable interior;
  4. improved off-road performance;
  5. modern security systems.

2018 Toyota Prado

Brief information about the model

First, a few words about the model of the SUV. It was developed in 1987 as a mid-size SUV with high traffic and, at the same time, improved comfort. Produced with 3 and 5 doors. Generations Toyota Prado:

  • 1st generation (until 1996). It was also known as Bundera, LandCruiser II, 70 Prado.
  • 2nd generation (1996-2002). Series 90. Produced on the basis of Toyota 4Runner (Toyota Hilux Surf). In those years, was the main competitor of the Mitsubishi Pajero.
  • 3rd generation. (2002-2009). Series 120.Also was based on the Toyota 4Runner. There were models with an automatic transmission, permanent and all-wheel drive plug.
  • 4th generation (from 2009 to our days). A series 150. Became worthy continuation of the previous generation, having received the increased dimensions and the strengthened frame. In 2013 was the first restyling, and the second was presented this autumn in Frankfurt.
Land cruiser prado iiPrado 4 generations

Japanese automaker sells Prado 4th generation since 2009. Before the restyling of the front part, there was only 1 time - in 2013. Not surprisingly, the changes in 2018 have become long-awaited.


Comparing the updated version with the previous model, it can be noted that they remain unchanged:

  • reliable frame design;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • impressive ground clearance (205 mm for the 3-door version and 215 for the 5-door version);
  • Forced differential locking system.

Toyota Prado Motor Show in FrankfurtAt the same time, the new Land Cruiser looks even more dynamic and aggressive, in each element demonstrating its independent male character and readiness for the most serious trials. Thanks to the changes, the new Prado not only acquired a radically new style, but also received an improved geometric cross:







From the fundamental changes worth noting:

  • improved front and rear bumper shape;
  • stylish grille, equipped with extended vertical sections;
  • modern head optics;
  • A new form of rear lights and LED foot;
  • new lines for stamping the hood and wings, providing better control of the front edge of the car when maneuvering.

In 2018, even basic cars will get modern LED headlights.

New Prado 2018New Toyota Prado 2018Restyling New Toyota Prado in 2018


The main innovations that the Prado saloon received in 2018 are a functional and stylish three-spoke servo and an upgraded optical dashboard. The driver also has an 8-inch touchscreen monitor through which all the functions of the modern navigation system Toyota Touch 2 and the multimedia equipment of the car are controlled. The buyer will be able to choose between three interior color options:

  • stylish black;
  • black and brown;
  • light beige.

Interior new Toyota Prado 2018Traditionally, all the elements of the cabin will be made of high quality materials, which fully corresponds to the high status of this SUV and its owner.Anyone who appreciates the freedom of movement during long trips, the new Prado will provide even more space in the cabin and numerous options for customizing the seats. Also please:

  • three-zone climate control;
  • ventilated front seats;
  • improved lateral support;
  • more roomy trunk.

See the premiere of a new car onvideo:

Technical innovations

Updates touched not only the appearance of the Prado. The new model has received a number of modern functions that raise the car to a level above its closest competitors. Thus, already in the basic configuration, the new Land Cruiser will be equipped with the “Safety Sense P” option with the autopilot function. The driver will get the opportunity to experience all the benefits that are provided:

  • dynamic cruise control;
  • collision avoidance system;
  • the response to the sudden appearance of a pedestrian;
  • automatic monitoring of dead zones when parking.

An additional advantage for the northern regions of Russia will be a set of innovations, developed taking into account the peculiarities of operating an SUV at low temperatures. The system provides heating:

  1. passenger seats;
  2. windshield;
  3. side mirrors;
  4. washer nozzles.

An additional heater ensures that you can quickly get a comfortable climate in the cabin, even if the car spends the whole night in the frost. The power unit ruler remains the same:

A type




2.7 l

163 l. from.

4.0 l

282 l. from.

Turbo diesel

2.8 l

177l. from.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado engineDepending on the configuration, the new Prado will be equipped with:

  1. manual transmission;
  2. 6-speed "automatic".

It is worth noting that for those who make a choice in favor of an SUV with an adaptive suspension with automatic transmission, in addition to the standard set of modes, the new Sport and Sport + will be available. In the top versions of the Land Cruiser Prado, the 6-1 MTS-AUTO mode is also offered, which uses the A-TRAC antiskid system and is activated by depressing the gas pedal.

The start of sales in Russia and the price of new items

The official presentation of the novelty took place, so in the near future one can expect the appearance of the long-awaited Land Cruiser Prado at Russian car dealerships. Accurate information about the prices of various configurations yet.

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