2018 Mercedes GLE

The model range of Mercedes cars today covers almost all niches from sports cars to trucks and buses, and the brand itself is very popular in different countries of the world. Indisputable advantages of the cars produced by the concern are:

  • reliability and safety;
  • agility and excellent handling;
  • modern exterior and incredible comfort of the cabin;
  • car equipment with the most modern equipment;
  • a wide network of official service stations and the availability of components for maintenance and repair.

Only a few years have passed since the debut of the new GLE SUV, which replaced the M-class in 2015, and Mercedes is ready to present to the lovers of high-quality German cars a radically updated version, the serial production of which is scheduled for 2019.

Mercedes GLE 2017

Exterior of the new SUV

Carefully hidden from prying eyes, new cars could not go unnoticed during the testing phase. In the fall of 2017, the new GLE 2019 was spotted on the roads of Stuttgart. Even a dense camouflage film can not hide the dramatic changes that have affected the exterior of the car.

Exterior Mercedes GLE 2019

First of all, the cardinally new form of the body draws attention to itself, thanks to which in the new version the SUV has become even more and has gained dynamism, muscularity and a pronounced masculine character. You can also note changes such as:

  • stylish reversible grille in the style of the Panamericana;
  • new bumper shape;
  • LED head optics new design;
  • a separate dimension block;
  • spectacular vyshtampovki on the doors and body.
Test drive Mercedes GLE 2019Mercedes GLE 2019 in camouflagefirst photos of Mercedes GLE 2019

Although the new Mercedes looks very impressive in camouflage, many experts are inclined to believe that the final version of the new GLE, the production of which will begin at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019, will differ somewhat from the tested car. Most likely, the refinement will affect the bumpers (in particular, the rear bumper), but it is possible that in the final version we will see different optics in form and functionality.

The network has information that all models of the series will receive exhaust pipes hidden under the bumper. But in the test version of the car, they are integrated into the rear bumper, which also suggests that changes in the exterior are still possible.

We offer to watch the video of the first tests of the novelty:

Interior novelties

The automaker by all means tries to keep all the most spectacular pieces of the salon in secret until the official presentation of the novelty. But today we can assume what will be the interior of one of the most anticipated SUV next year.

  • The car's interior will be more spacious than its predecessor, which is obvious already when evaluating the dimensions of the new product.
  • The wheel will receive a new design, as well as a large functionality of the control buttons.
  • The instrument panel will become digital and even more convenient. Perhaps there will be a function of projecting indicators on-board computer on the windshield of the car.
  • For convenient work with navigation and multimedia system, a large touch screen is provided.
  • Passenger comfort will provide modern climate control equipment.

Interior Mercedes GLE 2019

It is not yet known what color solutions the salon will offer the manufacturer. But it is obvious that the new GLE 2019 will not be a duplicate of the interior of any other version of Mercedes, but will receive an owl exclusive design.

From what materials will be used in the interior, depends on the price of new items, and therefore it can be expected that in 2019 you can buy a luxury GLE in natural leather of dark or light colors, like other models of business class and premium segment from Mercedes .

Display Mercedes GLE 2019The first photos of the salon Mercedes GLE 2019


As before, a huge selection of power units will be offered for the GLE series (from fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines, 2.0 liter capacity to powerful and torquey 4-liter twin-turbo V8).

It is not excluded that cars with hybrid powertrains will also be on sale.

The novelty will receive a modern 9-speed automatic G-TRONIC and four-wheel drive. For sports versions there will be a 7-speed robot Speedshift MCT.

Hybrid Mercedes GLE 2019

From innovative systems we can expect:

  • a complete passive safety kit combined with a collision avoidance feature popular today;
  • Stability and autopilot system;
  • trailer dynamic stabilization system and retractable hitch;
  • blind spot monitoring system;
  • automatic parking system;
  • all-round camera.

If desired, the equipment of the car can be expanded by integrating optional accessories that will be offered by the manufacturer.

Watch the video from the factory on how to assemble production cars series GLE and GLS.

Start of sales

The next expected event is an enchanting presentation of the model and the official debut of the new product at one of the European car dealerships.At the moment, the release date for the sale of the updated SUV GLE from the company Mercedes has not been announced, but most likely it will be the first half of 2019.

Since it is likely that the most popular functions of its predecessor will be preserved in the new model, we suggest finding out more about the 2017 GLE by watching a video test drive of the popular SUV from Mercedes.

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