2018 Ford Expedition

In 1996, the American Ford Motor Company launched a full-size SUV called the Ford Expedition. From 2007 to the present, the third generation of this large car has been produced. After the discontinuation of the Excursion model in 2005, Expedition became the largest Ford SUV.

Car owners note the following important advantages of this large car:

  1. comfortable and spacious lounge;
  2. high power;
  3. high security;
  4. good cross;
  5. overall reliability;
  6. individuality and recognition.

Expedition was recognized in 2015 by J.D. Power and Associates is the best SUV, and also received the second highest reliability among full-size SUVs.

Despite the fact that in 2014 this model was restyled, Ford planned to manufacture a new fourth generation large frame Expedition in 2018.

2018 Ford Expedition


The company manufacturer with the help of articles and photos in automotive publications widely covers the new Ford Expedition, which is positioned as a representative of the 2018 model range.

In these photos are clearly visible changes that are made in the exterior of this large SUV. First of all, the grille has increased, it has become more massive, solid compared to the previous version. In addition, it has a chrome edging, wide transverse stripes and is one line with large headlights head optics. This solution allowed to visually increase the width of the SUV. The optics itself received for the high beam lensed special searchlights, and for the passing beam crystal reflectors for lamps were used. Ahead, the bumper acquired an extensive air intake and massive plastic protection at the bottom.

2018 Ford Expedition2018 Ford ExpeditionWhen examining the car from the side, it is noticeable that the body is characterized by sharp proportions and sharp lines. High roof and large doorways ensure a comfortable fit for passengers. For the rear of the body is characterized by the use of large vertical position lamps and a convenient tailgate, in the design of which a chrome insert is used with the name of the car brand.


A feature of the cabin of the new Ford Expedition, produced in 2018, is that with three-row seating arrangements, it can have both seven and eight-seat capacity.For this, the seven-seater cabin is completed in the second row with two separate seats instead of a large three-seater sofa. These seats are mounted on a sled, which allows you to move them around the cabin.

Salon 2018 new Ford Expedition

In addition, each seat can be folded separately, which allows to obtain a flat floor surface and increase the luggage compartment to 3065 liters. In the standard position, the boot capacity is 525 liters.

It looks very solid center console in the cabin of an SUV. It has become much wider and this has made it possible to arrange an 8-inch color screen for a new multimedia complex, which can be controlled by voice. On the instrument panel panel on either side of the speedometer, there are two sensory color screens that add to the convenience of the driver.

By innovation should include the appearance in the cabin background LED lights. It creates a beautiful light effect, in addition, there is a choice of seven color options for lighting.

Salon 2018 new Ford Expedition

Interior decoration is made of luxury materials. The use of such materials forms a high comfort in the cabin.

Specifications Ford Expedition 2018

The overall dimensions of the two fourth-generation Expedition modifications are listed in Table 1.

Table 1

Expedition Modification Name of the parameter (m)
Wheelbase Length Height Width
Standard 3,10 5,33 1,96 2,00
Elongated 3,33 5,63 1,97

As a power unit, the new SUV received an economical 3.5-liter petrol six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters and a capacity of 365 liters. from. A ten-band automatic with manual control is used as a transmission in the transmission.

The car has a rear or all-wheel drive, independent suspension of all wheels, disc brakes, electric power steering.

2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Expedition

The SUV will have four options and the following options:

  • keyless access to the salon
  • Rear View Camera,
  • start of the motor with the button,
  • newest audio system
  • blind spot control
  • heated seats and mirrors,
  • full power,
  • parking device
  • rain, light sensors,
  • cabin ventilation
  • device for tracking traffic conditions,
  • leather trim
  • electric power steering,
  • dual-zone climate control,
  • adjustment of seats and steering column.

Start of sales and price

Production of this model is planned only at the Ford plant in Louisiana (USA). Home sales in North America are scheduled for November 2017. The price for the Ford Expedition will start at $ 47,500 (basic equipment with rear wheel drive).

2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Expedition

The company still does not provide information about the possibility of sales in Russia of this large SUV. Traditionally, Ford does not sell large SUVs in Russia. The main reason is the low demand of such models in our country.

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